Written by: Marie Bull

I am trying to find my long lost sister Helen who I have only just found out exists two weeks ago.
Helen and I had the same birth mum, Pamela Parfitt, née Pamela May Pitts.
Our mum Pam was born in 1938 in Wantage, Oxfordshire but spent most of her early life in the Farringdon area. Helen was born out of wedlock in 1957, possibly Nov 19th. She lived with her Aunt Olive and Uncle Ron before going into care/adoption at a young age. In 2008 at my mums funeral (Pam), a lady handed me what I thought was a bereavement card which I handed to someone as she was keeping all the cards. I have since discovered, 2 weeks ago, that this was in fact a letter asking us to contact her using her suppled address and phone number. I had no idea that she was Helen my older sister. I didnt know I had a sister. She had obviosly carried out research or someone close to the family told her our mum had passed so she could attend the funeral.
14 years later we have only just rediscovered her letter.
I know from the letter, she at one time lived in Acer Way, in the town of Havant but has since moved on with no forwarding address. I know she had 3 daughters in 2008 and several granddaughters.
As a child, she often visited Tithe farm in Gt. Coxwell and had the nickname ‘Pansy’.
I want nothing from Helen but to apologise for the mix up and tell her I’ve only just found out about her existence and that i would love nothing more than to get in contact with her and have her in my life. A genuine mix up that I feel has given her the wrong impression. That we didn’t want to know! Nothing could be further from the truth!
If this person is you, PLEASE PLEASE get in touch with LLFs who will contact me.
Thanks in anticipation
If you have any information that can assit Marie in finding her sister please call us on: 07737 259732 or email us on: [email protected]
Our mum Pam Parfitt (Nee Pitts) and the letter
If you have any information that could help Andrews family please email Long Lost Families on: [email protected] or call them on: 07737 259732.

If you have any information that can help Marie Bull please get in touch with Long Lost Families on: [email protected] or call us with the information on 07737 259732.

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