Long Lost Families are not the cheapest and not the most expensive search company out there but feel we give value for money at every opportunity.

We also offer a “HELP ME FIND” section where you can advertise FREE of charge to try and find your loved ones.

MY STORY on the LLF homepage also offers a cost effective way of reaching the public and if you have sparse financial resources it allows you to attract donations to help find those missing in your life. (£60)

Overseas searches by their very nature are usually more expensive. We may work with overseas contacts who can help us if we need them. You would need to call us to discuss pricing. You can a set a limit from the outset if you wish. It won’t be as expensive as you think.

DNA tests vary. We only charge the actual fee that Ancestry charges. After that it’s a standard search fee. There may be some genealogical work required which we can discuss with you at the time.

Once your loved one/s are found, if you wish you can use one of our intermediaries at the first meeting. It’s a set fee of £275. You can of course arrange everything yourself. For example you can use a trusted friend to act as an intermediary

Adoption searches again vary. It all depends on what information you have. A standard search fee may do it. Place yourself on the UK Adoption Contact Register HERE. You may be lucky if your missing family are also on there trying to contact you. If not call us to discuss. A standard search fee plus other adoption costs may be all it takes. Don’t forget MY STORY as an option.

Missing company director and debtor searches attract a standard search fee. We work with other organisations for company reports etc. Prices vary on those but are often under £25

Genealogy rates differ from £20 to £45 on the web. Long Lost Families standard hourly rate is £25. It’s surprising what can be achieved in a day. Call us to discuss your requirements. When times are busy we advertise independent researchers on our site whose rates will vary. We can work out a package to suit your requirements.

For complete beginners there are our Basic Genealogy Courses for £60. Learn to do it for yourself. All prices inclusive of VAT.

We also offer an ORAL HISTORY recording session, at your home or on-line, where we can ensure future generations can listen to your life story. Free upload to Family Search. A two hour recording for £250. We also throw in a basic family tree on FamilySearch with you at the top.

For a  standard search we only take £249 to commence searching and the rest is due ONLY when we find who you are seeking.

Call us on 07737 259732 to discuss your requirements. WE CAN TAKE PAYMENTS OVER THE PHONE

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