About Us – What We Do

Our aims are simple. To bring together families and friends who have lost contact over the years. We realise how stressful and upsetting it can be not knowing where loved ones are and often why they left our lives. Successful reunion is our main aim.

We first started this type of work in 1992 when we reunited sisters who had been apart for over 40 years. One in the UK and one in Australia. That feeling of knowing you have helped people to reunite and create real happiness stuck with me. It’s a great driver!

A large number of individuals go missing every year. Some are very short term and others much longer. Often over many years. This is why we work with other organisations to cover the whole spectrum and allow you some freedom to explore all avenues open to finding someone for as little cost as possible. Our donation scheme on My Story allows contributors to send in funds to support your case. You can also add details of your missing loved ones to our Help Me Find frames free of charge.

If you are interested in exploring your family tree we also offer a Genealogy service. You may wish to engage us to research your family tree as far back as we can and potentially find living relatives you are linked to today but just don’t know it. We have in-house skills and associates with extensive experience who can research all areas of interest. You may be stuck at what seems a dead end. Perhaps we can unblock it.

We run basic on-line genealogy courses for the beginner. Let us know if you are interested by giving us a call. See HELP ME FIND GENEALOGY COURSES on the homepage.

Adoption and Overseas searches by definition are usually longer and can incur a higher level of cost. We will have to work with a recognised intermediary to access your adoption records. You may have your own records or personal information from other sources already but simply cannot locate your loved ones. Start by adding your name to the UK Adoption Contact Register. We can help in all these scenarios.

You may have no information at all about where you come from. You may have been adopted or even abandoned. All is not lost. DNA testing may be the answer. We will work closely with our friends at Ancestry. You take a simple saliva test sent to you in the post. Once results are in they can be used to search extensive databases using your DNA and hopefully connect you to those loved ones you crave to meet. This can be used before we begin a search or after we have exhausted all other avenues. It all depends on your personal and individual story.

When any search is successful we can just supply you with relevant information to reconnect you with loved ones or, if you so desire, we can supply an intermediary to assist with that first meeting. It helps with your fears and nerves on the day.

We can also record your oral history for future generations to let them know about you and your life. The people you knew and the things you accomplished. We will travel to you or we can do a worldwide service using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. We then load it up to Family-Search run by The Mormons where it will remain for future generations. Possibly hundreds of years from now they can sit and listen to your story. If you haven’t done it already we will set up a first generation family tree for you as well to start your family journey.

We can do other searches for you. See long lost family for details.


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