Written by: John Chadwick (Henrys Great Great Nephew)

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Henry Watson Chadwick was the brother of my great grandfather George Chadwick and the second son of Richard Chadwick and Jane Elizabeth Swales. He was born on the 4th May 1844 in Glossop which at that time was part of the County of Derbyshire, England.

When Henry commenced work census records show that he had a number of jobs in the silk-weaving industry amongst which were working as a power-loom weaver and silk-piecer.

On the 24th December 1865 Henry married Jane Elizabeth Woodward and they remained together until at least August 1874 because he attended (with wife Jane) his brother George’s marriage to Mary Sharpley on 27 July 1874.

There are no records of any (living) children associated with this marriage between Henry and Jane.

It seems that sometime after 1876 Henry left his wife Jane Elizabeth Woodward and went to the USA. This may have been on the proposition of him going over there to find employment and living accommodation and then sending for her to join him at a later date.

Alternatively, it is possible that there was an ulterior motive due to marriage problems and/or Henry’s liaison with another woman. What is known is that Jane never went to the USA either on her own accord OR, was never sent for by Henry.

It is known that later, in the USA, he married a Sarah Ann Turner on 3rd December 1879 in Patterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, USA and they subsequently had 5 children: Mary, Jane, Harry, Lizzie and lastly a still-born boy child.

The 1880 USA Census shows them living in Boonton, Morris, New Jersey and later the 1900 Census shows the family living in Pompton Township, Pompton Lakes, Passaic County, New Jersey.

However, it would appear that Henry and Jane, his first wife, NEVER formerly DIVORCED.

In the UK census on 4th April 1911 Jane still records herself as Jane Chadwick and her status as married (aged 67). Ironically, Henry died one week later in the USA on the 11th April 1911.

If there are any of Henry’s living descendants, there is a POCKET WATCH that belonged to him which can be returned to them via the contact details shown on the grave link below or above.

Thanks in anticipation for reading this and any help you may be able to offer.

If you have any information that can help John Chadwick (Henrys Great Great Nephew) please get in touch with Long Lost Families on: [email protected] or call us with the information on 07737 259732.

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