Find My Biological Family

Thank you for considering using Long Lost Families in your search for biological family. By biological family we usually mean those directly related through your bloodline but can also include relations through marriage. Your questions may be many; how do I ” Find my Biological Father”, how do I ” Find my Biological Mother”. Whether we are trying to locate your mother, father, sister or brother, uncles or aunts or adopted family we will support you all the way. You can either call us to discuss your individual situation or as an alternative fill out the template at the bottom. If you wish we can also conduct a video call. During that conversation we will collect as much information from you about your missing family. This can also include your: mother in law or father in law, sister in law, brother in law or step sisters and step brothers. Cousins, second cousins or half cousins as well. We will search in exactly the same way we would If we were searching for your biological mum and dad. Once we establish the facts and a search can be carried out with a chance of success we will begin a standard search using that information. If you have no information at all please see – Help me find: Biological Family using DNA on the home page. Standard searches and DNA can be carried out simultaneously to increase success.

There are many reasons why you would wish to contact someone. Whatever that reason rest assured we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts.

The search begins with a call to us or by clicking the template link below. Each search is unique to the individual and will be tailor-made to suit you.


  1. You can phone Long Lost Families for advice on the search you need. If you prefer we can call you back.
  2. Once a search has been accepted we will send you out a contract to sign. You sign it and pay the small deposit to commence the search process.
  3. We will keep you informed about progress usually by email or your preferred contact method.
  4. Once we locate the person you are seeking and an establish their true identity we obtain permission from them to talk to you about their current circumstances.
  5. Once you have paid the remainder of the fee we supply you with all the details.
  6. We understand its a nervous time for both parties, so if you wish to use an intermediary we can arrange that for you too.

Call us on 07737 259732 for a free consultation.

To complete a template with your information and circumstances CLICK HERE.



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