Genealogy Courses

Thank you for considering using Long Lost Families in your desire to start your genealogical research journey. The popular rise of family research has seen massive demand for knowledge and expertise in this field. We are currently offering basic genealogy courses to help the complete beginner get started. We may deliver these courses, or when times are busy, we sometimes use independent teachers who can deliver them and still provide that same great service.

They are delivered by video conferencing media such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These can be downloaded by yourself free, prior to the start of the course below.

For now it is a U.K. based course.

As everyone should be a complete beginner the course concentrates on finding initial information, evaluating that information, starting points for your search, where to look for information, search filtering, tree building and much more. Its a fascinating start to a journey that will probably last a lifetime.

During the course we will use a free search based system that contains billions of records worldwide.

The course will cover, Family Stories, Births Marriages and Deaths, Census returns and Church Records,

Price for the course is £60 total. There are a maximum of 5 individuals on any course.

We hope to offer more advanced courses at a later date.


  1. Contact Long Lost Families to book on the next available course: 07737 259732.
  2. Pay your fee prior to the start BELOW. WE CAN TAKE PAYMENTS OVER THE PHONE.
  3. Once accepted on to the course, email us what you know already. We may use it in searches during the course.
  4. You will be sent a link to log on to the course at the appropriate time.

    Download Zoom HERE

    Download Google Meet HERE

    Call us on 07737 259732 for a free consultation.

    To email us with your family stories and information [email protected]

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