RE: Search for missing family.

Long Lost Families were engaged by Mr Alfred Deans to find his daughter who was born in Malta around 1964-65. He hadn’t seen her since she was a child. Paula was her mother. A Maltese native

Alfred was in the RAF stationed in Malta in the early 1960s with his friend Martin. He met Paula who he began a relationship with. It was Paula’s daughter, Alberts biological daughter, who we are seeking. Alfred is now 80.


With great pleasure I can now reveal, that only four weeks after contacting Long Lost Families we have found Alfred’s daughter. They have just made contact for the first time in almost 60 years.
That is her in the picture.
They spent sometime on the phone talking and getting to know each other. They also spoke with her son Jean Pierre who actually lives very close to them. Paula her mother is still living in Malta and happily married.
Alfred said “It was an incredible thing talking to your daughter after so many years. Ray and his team at Long Lost Families have been so helpful we cannot thank them enough”. They have since met him in Nottingham and he has also flown to Malta to see all the new family. Here is his daughter at home in Malta.
This is what drives us. Bringing happiness and contentment and filling that void in someones life. Changing peoples lives for the good.
If you have missing people in your life please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.
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