Maureen’s Story

Written by: Judith Le Sage

Thank you all for taking the trouble to read my story on Long Lost Family.

My story is that my mum (above), Amelia Elizabeth Le Sage fell in love with an American G.I. during the second world war. He was was based at Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. After a while she fell pregnant. When she revealed the truth to her mum she refused to let them marry. She insisted she went to the baby and mother home in Ross Road, Croydon, London where the baby was born. Maureen Sergeant was born on the 9th August 1945.  She is our half sister. My mum had her at her side and looked after and cared for her for a while at the home.

The baby was eventually adopted at six weeks of age. Mum eventually married and together they had four children; Myself, Maureen, David and Pauline.

My full sister Maureen was born on 6th August 1954. My mum must have known she was naming her baby after her adopted baby. This was so sad for mum and she was still obviously deep in her thoughts.

We only found out when I tried to share the family history I had carried out with her and she got upset about it. She finally told us about 4 years ago when she was starting with dementia. She was so ashamed she was scared to tell us. It took me a few birth certificates to find the right one.

My mum sadly is living in a home which motivated me to get in touch with Long Lost Families.

We will need to work with the Adoption Agencies to take this further and hope and pray we can find her.

We would dearly like to hear from anyone with information. We are appealing to anyone who may know the story to please get in touch with Long Lost Families.

Thanks in anticipation for reading this and any help you may have to offer.


If you have any information that can help Judith Le Sage please get in touch with Long Lost Families on: [email protected] or call us with the information on 07737 259732.

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