Doreen’s Story

Written by: Linda and Bernadette Wilson

Our names were Bernadette Wilson and Linda Wilson at birth. Bernadette was born in July 1959 and Linda in June 1956. Both were born in Prescot, Merseyside to Mary Wilson. We were taken into foster care when Bernadette was two and Linda was five. We went into a home when we were four and seven years old respectively and spent many years in care until we were 18 years old. Some time was spent at the Newstead Convent in Wavertree, Liverpool. Within our family some siblings are well remembered and others not so, as we were told hardly anything about them. We are relying on passed down second hand information to try and piece together the whole family story. What we do know is that our mum, Mary Wilson married a John (Jack) Singleton. This was late in life and he wasn’t our father. We know Mary our mum sadly passed away in approx 1978 and Jack shortly after. They had no children together as it was a marriage late in life. Our siblings were:

Clara F Wilson (Frances) born 1941. She married a Joseph Price in 1962 and had two sons: Owen (1963) and Ryan Peter (1971).
We know Frances worked at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool before she retired.

Audrey Wilson born Feb 1945. Little is known of her whereabouts

Doreen Wilson born 1948. She married Thomas Daniels in 1971 in St Helens. We think they had at least one child; Sean Thomas Daniels born 1971 and an older child called Kathleen (Kathy)

Anthony Wilson born BEFORE 1956. Little or no information.

John Wilson born AFTER 1956. He was adopted. Little or no information on him.

Marie Wilson. Born 1942 n St Helens. We have little information on her whereabouts.

Kenneth Wilson (Kenny) was also in care and eventually joined the navy. He had a son called Shane. It is possible he has since passed away (2000 – 2010)

Helen and Mike were adopted but we know that Michael is now sadly deceased (April 2016). We are in touch with Helen.

We have heard there may be a Christopher / Christine and possibly a Godfrey in the family but we have scant information on them.

In total and remarkably our mother had possibly fifteen children.

With great pleasure I can now reveal, that only a week after contacting Long Lost Families we found their older sister Doreen. Bernadette and Linda have just made contact for the first time in about 50 years.
That is Doreen in the picture above.
They spent sometime on the phone talking and getting to know each other. They also spoke with her son Sean who actually lives very close to them.
Sean told me “Its all quite surreal at the moment. I couldn’t remember them but my sister Kate could. We are hoping to meet soon and re-establish contact”. They have yet to meet Helen.
Bernadette said “It was a magic moment talking to your sister after so many years. if you have any information on the rest of our siblings please, please let us know. Long Lost Families have been so helpful we cannot thank them enough”.
This is what drives us. Bringing happiness and contentment and filling that void in someones life. Changing peoples lives for the good.
If you have missing people in your life please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.
Tele: 07737 259732 or fill in the template.

If you have any information that can help Linda and Bernadette Wilson please get in touch with Long Lost Families on: [email protected] or call us with the information on 07737 259732.

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