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Thank you for considering using Long Lost Families in your search for your Family Tree.  There are lots of questions you may have. Not least of which is; what information do I need to start my research?

Some families have a vast amount of knowledge such as names, dates and places relating to parents, grandparents and beyond. They may just need a helping hand on certain points. Some families have limited knowledge and information. We can work with this scenario too. Others may wish to have the whole of the tree researched within certain limits. The basic information normally required are the names of parents and grandparents, the places they may have resided at and birth, marriage or death dates. We will talk you through this to help you if you call us to discuss your individual situation. As an alternative, we can also conduct a video call. During that conversation, we will collect as much information from you on your current family knowledge.

If you are a complete novice and want to start your own research, take a look at our Genealogy Courses on the home page. These will cover all the basics you need to get yourself up and running.
Here’s a free and very extensive family tree search website to wet your appetite. It’s run by the Mormons in Utah. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) –

When times are busy we use other specialist genealogists we trust. Some advertise on our site others are also on the home page: “Help me find”: A Genealogist


  1. Phone Long Lost Family for advice on the type of family tree research you need. Email us your story if you wish.
  2. Once a course for your circumstances has been agreed we will send out a contact for you to sign. You sign it and pay the deposit to commence the research process.
  3. We will keep you informed about progress usually by email or your preferred contact method at agreed intervals.
  4. When complete we will send all the information in a family tree style chart and any other related information in written document format.

Call us on 07739 259732 for a free consultation.

To email us with your family story, information and circumstances CLICK HERE.

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